Our research

A Brief Overview

The research conducted by the group encompasses several different fields. Our lab currently contains 5 seperate experiments each involved in one of our key focus areas. These experiments fall under three main categories:
A panorama of B2 in the CRL, Oxford.
A panorama of the lab B2 in the chemistry research laboratory. This laboratory is home to our group's experiments.

Reaction Dynamics

Our research in reaction dynamics is split between three distinct experiments, these will be described below.

Photodissociation Dynamics

Our experiments in Photodissociation Dynamics are also split into three different sub areas, described below.

Imaging Mass Spectrometry


Meet some of our frequent collaborators

An image showing the PImMS II Camera.
Photo of the PImMS II camera, with a time base of 12.5ns.

We have many collaborations with theoretical and experimental groups in both the UK and Europe. On ion-imaging and imaging mass spectrometry we collaborate with Professor Andrei Nomerotski, Oxford Physics and Professor Claire Vallance, Oxford Chemistry. On theory, particularly on quasi-classical trajectory and quantum mechanical scattering theory and vector correlations, we have a long-established collaboration with the group of Professor F. Javier Aoiz, Complutense University, Madrid.


We are grateful to the EU (through an FP7 Training Network, ICONIC), STFC (through a PNPAS award of the RCUK MI-3 programme (Grant No. GR/S85733/01) and Mini-IPS grant ST/J002895/1), and EPSRC (through Programme Grants EP/G00224X/1 and EP/L005913/1) for recent funding. We are currently part of the EPSRC funded Programme Grant Chemical Applications of Velocity and Spatial Imaging.

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